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The Fabulous Boho Style

The Beautiful Classic Style

The Chic Retro Style

Spring and summer of 2021 continues to bring us both new and old trends when
it comes to fashion. Whether it’s winter or summer, or mainstream or alternative, there
are three statement trends that are here to stay: boho, classic, and retro. Boho, or
bohemian fashion is characterized by comfy, loose fitting clothing decorated with
intricate designs. The classic style is known for its minimalism and simplicity, as well as
how versatile it is– simple and solid colored clothing can be worn on any occasion.
Lastly, the retro style takes us back to the 70s and 80s when unconventional clothing
and colorful patterns made the perfect chic outfit. Sweet Dates Canada brings you three
articles closely examining the history and characteristics of these everlasting styles.

Article 1

The Fabulous Bohemien Style

The Fabulous Boho Style
Boho or Bohemian fashion is back in
2021 and as in-style as it was at its nascent in
the 60s. Boho fashion takes elements from
laid-back and hippie clothing. Delicate and
complex designs such as florals, swirls, and
mandalas characterize this style over looser
fitting clothing items.
Boho clothing includes modest,
comfortable, and loose-fitting items such as airy
dresses, off the shoulder tops, and long flowy
skirts. Long, flowy sleeves and thin, rippling
cardigans mark this style as well.


Colors are blue, brown, orange, and cream. Boho clothing is
known for being both dramatically colorful and effortlessly
relaxed. This style can also be paired with a variety of
bohemian accessories. Long chained necklaces, neutral
colored ankle boots, circular purses, and bandannas and
scarves are only a few of many options to pair with your
clothing; even regular outfits can be spiced up with boho
accents using boots with tassels or leather jewelry or a brown
leather belt tied around a dress. Feathers and fringes are other
boho accents to pair with your favorite outfits, or even a wide
brimmed hat with a pair of sunglasses.
Since it became widespread with the hippie movement
in the 60s, boho fashion has always utilized leather, denim,

Silk, chiffon, and cotton all work together to create this placid style.
Supermodel Kate Moss, on the right, brought back the boho style in 2015,
showcasing it off as her signature ‘boho-chic’ street style. This versatile trend can be
worn to make both a supermodel-like statement, or as a casual everyday look. After all,
boho screams comfort, class, and taste.

boho chics

Article 2

The Beautiful Classic Style

Classic clothing, as the name may
suggest, is a timeless style that can be worn on
any occasion. Even as new unconventional
styles gain popularity, classic clothing
continues to dominate the fashion world. This
style is rooted in older European designs and
remains a universal style when it comes to
formal events, streetwear, and business casual
The classic style is known for its solid or
neutral colored items, free of unconventional
designs or too many patterns. Classic styled.clothing aren’t particularly tight or loose;
instead, they are known to be more fitted.
Classic clothing isn’t limited to solid colored tees. A simple black minidress with a thin
white belt is an example of a formal application of the classic style.
For an everyday look, a solid thick tee with neutral colored pants or denim jeans can create a simple yet put-together look for any occasion on the go.

classic model 2
classic women

Coco Chanel takes pride in her own classic style
and offers advice to women exploring the style for
themselves: “Before you leave the house, look in the
mirror and take one thing off.” According to Chanel,
minimalism is key to the perfect classic style. Plain gold
or silver pendants, black ankle boots, an everyday jacket,
and a classic set of diamond studs complete a classic look
that doesn’t seem to be demanding attention, yet steals
the show.
Colors like browns, blacks, creams, whites, and
greys all dominate the classic woman’s closet. These
neutral tones can be paired with makeup like a nude
lipstick and neutral eyeshadow, or to make your makeup stand out, red lipstick and dark grey eyeshadow pairs beautifully with the classic trend.

Business clothing also contains elements of classic clothing.  A pair of your favorite black heels, a solid brown cardigan, and an auburnbelt can all spice up your business casual look. A cream blazer and a statement leather purse with a pair of jeans can add even more classic formality to your everyday wear.  


The Chic Retro Style

Retro style brings us back to the wild and unconventional
excitement of the 80s. Retro fashion is also commonly
known as vintage fashion that resembles older designs from
 the  60s 70s and 80s.
Retro is a very versatile clothing style– both tight and
loose, colorful and neutral, universal and unconventional
styles can all create this look. Common retro clothes include
colored jeans, loose jeans, or even flare jeans for an extra
retro accent. Flowy, polka dot dresses with ruffle sleeves,
loose fitting and airy rainbow striped t-shirts… the options
are endless.
Colorblock is an essential pattern of retro clothing.

Jackets with different colored patches or converse with different colored sides can add retro to any outfit. Graphics on t-shirts and tye-dye are other examples of retro pieces that can be worn to school, work, or to a party. Although many may think of visiting the roller rink on a throwback Thursday when they imagine retro-style clothing, this style can be applied to formal wear as well. VIntage flowy dresses and skirts with a pair of red heels and a glossy red belt give your outfit retro glam. Vintage red lipstick and some natural looking makeup pair well
with any of these outfits

Doc Martens are a common retro shoe that made
their comeback and are here bigger than ever in 2021.
These versatile black ankle boots come in a variety of styles
and can be worn on any occasion. Heels, converse, and
vintage athletic shoes are also other retro options.
Around this time, the mini skirt made its debut. Colorful, short or long pencil
skirts with thin belts and a baggy shirt are sure to complete a retro outfit. And when it
comes to accessories, try a colorful purse and colored or round sunglasses.

Earrings, bangles, and long necklaces or even a choker are some retro jewelry that is sure to make a statement. Retro hairstyles are curly and poofy, (think permed), or slicked back and classy if you are going for formal retro chic

Note from Sweetdates Editor

Disco fashion is a perfect example of a Retro Style . It was generally inspired by clothing from the early 1960s, Disco clothes worn by women included tube tops, sequined halter neck shirts, blazers, spandex short shorts, loose pants, form-fitting spandex pants, maxi skirts and dresses with long thigh slits, jersey wrap dresses, ball gowns, and evening gowns. 
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