Retro Fashion Explained.

The Retro Chic Fashion

The Chic Retro Style
Retro style brings us back to the wild and unconventional
excitement of the 80s. Retro fashion is also commonly
known as vintage fashion that resembles older designs from
both the 70s and 80s.
Retro is a very versatile clothing style– both tight and
loose, colorful and neutral, universal and unconventional
styles can all create this look. Common retro clothes include
colored jeans, loose jeans, or even flare jeans for an extra
retro accent. Flowy, polka dot dresses with ruffle sleeves,
loose fitting and airy rainbow striped t-shirts… the options
are endless.
Colorblock is an essential pattern of retro clothing.
Jackets with different colored patches or converse with
different colored sides can add retro to any outfit. Graphics
on t-shirts and tye-dye are other examples of retro pieces
that can be worn to school, work, or to a party.
Although many may think of visiting the roller rink
on a throwback Thursday when they imagine retro-style
clothing, this style can be applied to formal wear as well.
VIntage flowy dresses and skirts with a pair of red heels
and a glossy red belt give your outfit retro glam. Vintage
red lipstick and some natural looking makeup pair well
with any of these outfits.
Doc Martens are a common retro shoe that made
their comeback and are here bigger than ever in 2021.
These versatile black ankle boots come in a variety of styles
and can be worn on any occasion. Heels, converse, and
vintage athletic shoes are also other retro options.
Around this time, the mini skirt made its debut. Colorful, short or long pencil
skirts with thin belts and a baggy shirt are sure to complete a retro outfit. And when it
comes to accessories, try a colorful purse and colored or round sunglasses.

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